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Northwest Airlines Racial Profiling Attack and Persecution-LEFT BLOODIED ON NWA CRAFT, SECRET't aligned censorship of our plight...



In Jan of 2006, (STILL RECEIVING CYBER THREATS FROM FBI, IN ASYLUM IN CANADA, DOOR BARRICADED AT NIGHT ON IMPETUS OF THREATS RECEIVED) my mother and I Canadian citizens, took a brief trip down to the Mayo Clinic in the United States to see about an injury I had sustained to my arm. On our way down we were profiled- we arrived at our hotel without our baggage as it had been seized- the airline lied to us, claiming it was just misplaced, however, 3 hours later it was delivered to our hotel with a note attached stating “due to security concerns this baggage has been seized, locks cut and searched” We had been profiled.

On our return trip, I complained about this ill treatment to the attendants at the front desk in Rochester. …We were attacked on board the aircraft itself on our connecting flight Rochester back to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I WAS LEFT IN A POOL OF BLOOD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ISLE, HAVING BEEN ATTACKED BY 5 POLICE, TASED OVER THE HEART AND STRUCK DOWN. We feel the attack was the result of having complained about the ill treatment at the desk.

Moreover, it has now become apparent to us that this particular airline-Northwest Air- is secret intelligence based, in light of recent exposure of NWA at having handed the FBI and NASA 6000 CD's for the purposes of a computer assisted profiling database.

Immediately upon boarding the plane, AFTER HAVING ALREADY PASSED THROUGH SECURITY, and only after the security doors had been shut, my mother was accused of harboring a suspicious bag- the classic racial profiling scenario. From there we were harassed incessantly and deliberately harassed by this same stewardess, and villanized before the audience of the passengers in the cabin. This was to set the pretext for what was to come shortly thereafter: A false complaint of ‘irate passenger’ was released and the plane- prior to take off- returned to port, whereupon 5 police boarded the aircraft and attacked me.

Following the attack I was hospitalized for treatment, and my mother and I were then 6 months later, placed through a trial that housed on the “jury pool” CIA, NSA, Military, MN Police, prosecuting attorneys and Northwest Airlines employees- ALL ON THE ‘JURY POOL’!

Prior to trial, we along with family friends and associates attempting to assist us were all targeted and made subject to all manner of illegal intimidation mind games and emotional trauma from secret government factions: phone lines tapped, voice mail deletions, viruses sent to crash hard drives, legal mail sabotaged arriving parched with contents removed, threatening messages on answering machines. In targetting my mother and I they have committed not only all of the offenses detailed above, but have also sent FBI to stalk me outside my home (FBI illegal entry into Canada), and sent me cyber threats via FBI interface with me on my websites.

During this time prior to trial 5 plea bargains were sent, as if to say, “falsely confess and we will stop terrorizing you…” My mother and I have been traumatized with heart palpitations and we have suffered now for 27 months living in seclusion and in shadow, the world kept ignorant of our plight by wrote design of the N.W.O agenda.
Moreover, beyond the suffering associated with the attack itself and the threats and collusion that followed, we have been made to suffer much further by a barrage of false media accounts- government has elicited media to its services in propagating false propaganda aimed at character assassination and hiding the truth in a covert opaque steam of lies.

Government/media aligned censorship and false propaganda has long been used to facilitate the occlusion of truth and the propagation of falsehoods that fall within the interests of the corporate/government agenda.CO-Intel Pro and FBI have also worked hand in hand at both threats and intimidation, as well as character assassination –BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT THE TRUTH TO GET OUT.

...My name is currently on a number of their FBI sites, and I have received threat from self-identifying agents over the Internet...

I was placed on the no fly terror list and a trial would ensue with members/ affiliates of FBI CIA NSA MN police Military and NWA employees on the "jury pool", a covert illegal tribunal designed to persecute rather than prosecute... and criminally charged ex U.S. Marine Judge David S. Doty ( presiding as judge. (That this judge has outstanding charges against him can be seen at the previous url) This judge would threaten bodily harm upon family and I to the effect of illegal U.S. Marshal entry into Canada to “Get Us”(an Innately illegal act- not withstanding that FBI have already been illegally within Canada at my home to terrorize us and have sent us threats over the internet- illegal also because the falsified charge of 'misdemenour' is not sufficient grounds for extradition legally) if we did not return for ‘sentencing’ ,comparing the Marshals to "Hollywood" and "bloodhounds."
Yet again, the audience to these threats, however, consisted only of the FBI, NSA, CIA laden jury pool and the prosecution and so this illegal threat and intimidation was to go unchecked.

It has come to our attention that this particular judiciary (Hennepin) was as predispositioned towards profiling and corruption as is Northwest Airlines:
Hennepin County has recently been exposed for "collusion between prosecutors and judges" and judicial corruption/ tyranny, in an article that cites 20blacks:1 white imprisoned within MN and police brutality rampant and unchecked within their mandate.

We are currently in asylum in Canada, in that we have been threatened that harm will come to us via criminal elements and hooligans amongst the judiciary in MN State.

I currently sleep with my door barricaded and my family and I as well as friends and associates, have suffered and been illegally threatened terrorized and targeted for over 2 years now! Phone lines tapped, followed, threatened over the internet and threatening messages left on answering machines, registered legal mail intercepted and sabotaged, silent listener calls, blocked calls, …FBI at my home covertly (I saw them and they quickly pulled away- they are illegal in Canada).

A national U.S. warrant out for my arrest is in effect and I sleep with my door barricaded each night awaiting possible U.S. Martial attack upon family and I on the merit of illegal threats to this effect made against us by criminally- charged- judge,(click), David S. Doty in the middle of the court room at trial.

OCT 27/07 ABDUCTED BY ROGUE WINNIPEG (Canada) POLICE ACTING ILLEGALLY-*OUTSIDE OF THE LAW* (Extradition to the U.S. is illegal on the merit of 'misdemeanor' which is the only (false) allegation that they have against me yet)-AT THE BEHEST OF THE U.S. -UNLAWFULLY-WITHOUT WARRANT OR CHARGES:(the police now face charges)

...after almost 2 years of illegal U.S. covert threats and intimidation they finally acted on those threats despite their illegality ; In an illegal (remember there are no grounds on which I can be legally extradited to the United States- and that furthermore we are innocent of all their original allegations yet they are guilty of having brutally attacked us) act of cross border collusion, they
sent Canadian police in my home city, Winnipeg , to attack me at home, raid my home, send belongings to the U.S. and attempt my abduction to the United States where untold horrors would otherwise await- were it not for the fact that I managed to get a call out to our journalist Lesley Hughes of Canadian Dimension magazine, who approached the Winnipeg Police at the station later that day, forcing a halt to their operations and my release (after 12 hours no food no water and continuous threats)


THE MOTIVATION for Canadian Law enforcement acting illegally in collusion with U.S. in Cross Border Collusion Attack?- The answer is as follows:
AND REPRESENTS LAW ENFORCEMENT IN BOTH CANADA ANDMinneapolis/U.S.! see photo/icon link below


The Winnipeg Police acted illegally in this way because of the F.B.I./ Minneapolis police connections of our current police chief Keith Mc Caskill- who may also be charged for his involvement and investigated much like the former police chief Jack Ewatski, who left in disgrace over corruption in the O'Driscoll inquiry.
Several of the 8 officers who pointed guns to my head on Oct 27/07 and abducted me illegally without warrant or charges, now face charges through independent investigation, and will face further charges given their criminal actions against us-

Several attempts at my abduction have been made since, and while police came to my mother's home looking for me and terrorizing her, I had been forced into hiding out of the city into the country for a period of over 3 months -during winter and the harshest of conditions, due to police acting outside of the law, yet since having procured a respected attorney, the Winnipeg Police now face further charges on top of the charges that have already been successfully brought against them through independent cases.

The police are now making copious attempts in the courts to hide their criminal actions (they are holistically notorious for criminal actions as per my web site exposing their criminal history further below) by making attempts to destroy belongings that were stolen (burglarized) and sent to their close associates in the United States, in order that they would not have to admit to where my belongings presently are (many of which were used to compose this website) for in that admittance they admit to international cross border collusion and kidnapping for that purpose- FELONY OFFENSES.

*** Yet their tactics at collusion and occlusion of truth will fail: On Dec 21/07 our lawyer came into Winnipeg Police headquarters and was read directly from the police notes by a police officer (ie one notary public to another- irrefutable evidence in any court) that my belongings had been sent to the United States after I was attacked that Oct 27/07 Saturday morning and had my home raided and burglarized by these criminally acting police... and so short of calling our notary public attorney a liar, they cannot hide their criminally culpable actions against us in court and will be dutifully exposed as rogue criminals such is the essence of both the Winnipeg and Minneapolis "Police" force.

Government has ignored all of our appeals for assistance. It is becoming clear that government were actually involved to a large extent, in what occurred. (Canadian Consulate rep. Estelle Arnud Battahdier's comments still ring ominously in my memory,"Let us know if they torture you but we will not be involved it is a U.S. affair", and the Aug 10/07 Globe and Mail publication spelled out in no uncertain terms, the position of the current government on its citizens abroad: the heading read "Ottawa Sacrificed Arar (see to save face with Syria and the United States...) Moreover, the secret government agent jury pool and sabotaged legal mail as well as recent threats from a Mr. Steven Davis who states he is a representative of 75 F.B.I. agents and one U.S. Marshal who are "anxiously working with the Canadian government to see about my rendition" are the most evident examples of government collusion in our case. Our lives remain in danger, as we follow the path of slow and tedious correspondence with grass roots movements, in attempt to make more people aware of our plight and build a base of coordinated assistance.

Please go to our main website (WWW.AARONJAMESSTORY.COM) for further details. You will find a comprehensive chronological overview of events and background details /information as well as correspondence and interview we have recently had with several grass roots media Alex Jones of, COOP Radio and a journalist for a local magazine of high standing.

We would respectfully ask that those who feel empowered by a sense of justice compassion and integrity please assist us in our plight and help us combat the tyranny and corruption that afflicts us. Again, Please contact: Aaron James 204 474 0654, Linda James 204 632 5598 (work) or 204 889 9134 (home

Please see our NEW SUMMARY OVERVIEW (click)
AT our main website : WWW.AARONJAMESSTORY.COM(click)

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